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Our Story

Thank you for your interest in Chatpatay. We keep it simple: to offer the great tasting street food in a great ambiance, with a smile. At Chatpatay, we are inspired by food from Chaupaati, which is one of the most famous public beaches in Mumbai where food enthusiasts enjoy a vast selection of street food from the “Thelas” or food carts. The literal meaning of Chaupaati is Four Channels or Streams. For us, these four channels all start with letter F: Food – Friends – Family – Fun
We are a casual restaurant, where we value your time and your passion for good food. We strive to provide absolutely great taste, in shortest possible time to accommodate your busy schedule. While you are here, we want you to feel home and enjoy our work of art inside the restaurant.

Prabudhda Dahal & Sandhya Dahal

Our People

Our team include veterans who hail from different regions in SE Asia, and have worked in many different countries. Our Chefs are passionate about mixing the rich flavors of Indian Sub-Continent, to create outstanding dishes. Our service staffs have one goal – and that is to make sure you are 100% satisfied. Together, we work as a team to provide the best food and service in a casual environment.


Now that you have ordered great food, and experienced outstanding service – please enjoy our ambience. We have tried to provide you with a glimpse of real Mumbai Chaupaati experience through arts and objects that are re-created by passionate artists. Our mural hosts carts, and a peek into the life around Mumbai beaches, while the background represents Chaupaati beach. Throughout the restaurant, you will find spice puzzles, pictures and other artifacts that are tied to Mumbai and India.

Our Food

All-around interest of our team in different geographies has helped us develop unique flavors and tastes which we will bring to you at Chatpatay. Street food vendors in India have local knowledge of indigenous herbs and spices which they use artfully to prepare rich and flavorful dishes. Our team has a deep understanding of the variety of spices, and we use them wisely to create food that will leave impression on your taste buds for a long time. We are experts in regional delicacy with a combined cooking experience of over 50 years. Some of our people started cooking at home, and bring the authentic and original taste to each dish they prepare, while others are trained chefs that have explored and mastered the skills. We truely believe in the statement – “You must cook with your heart". In our Tandoor – our traditional clay oven – we prepare a variety of hot savory dishes from fluffy naan to tikkas and kababs, and we get it just right each and every time. When you are playing with delicate dough and fiery tandoor, the timing is critical and our team have mastered this critical skill.